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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

We have a number of procedures you are going to learn.

We have a procedure for every thing, it is important when you go some where you know what is expect of you. Rules and procedures are every where in life. When you go to Air port, there is a procedure. When you to go to a restaurant and order food, there is a specific way you have to order food! You may not release but every each of us every day we follow procedures. We are providing you with what you should not forget at the Complex.

All students must report on the opening day of the school before 5:30pm, failure to report on the stated date, you can report on any other working day with the parent between 8:30am and 3:30pm. And failure to observe the stated measure(s), you will be sent back home.

All students must keep to time and must not miss classes, course works, assignments, tests examinations and must observe class discipline. Failure to do so may lead to suspension.

Moving out of the complex without a warrant is a self expulsion or can make a student be fined with 2000 bricks or a number of rolls of barbed wire or 5 bags of cement.

Deliberate damage / loss of school property will make a student pay three times the property destroyed or lost / damaged.

No student should posses anything that can obstruct study environment in the school campus e. g mobile phones, radios, i Pads, DVDs, electric heaters, laptops not registered with the school authorities plus ordinary clothes, other than uniforms or any other item falling in such categories. If such items are found, shall be confiscated and shall never be returned to owners.

Shouting / making noise in school particularly after preps may lead to two weeks suspension.

Day scholars must not enter dormitories and must leave school at 5:30 pm unless granted by the school administration. Failure to observe what is stated in rule number 7, a penalty of rule number 3 apply.

Assemblies are compulsory to every student other wise you will be considered having escaped and a penalty of rule number 3 apply.

Indecent dressing is forbidden at school compound and will be punished accordingly.

Use of alcoholic drinks and drug abuse are forbidden and it’s a police case.

Theft, fighting, teasing and bullying are strictly forbidden. Any of those leads to police intervention or expulsion.

English is the only medium of communication in school and persistent vernacular speaking is punishable.

Staff quarters are strictly out of bounds to all students unless granted by the administration otherwise the culprit will be suspended.

Immoral relationships and behavior as well as use of vulgar language are strictly forbidden and may cause expulsion.

All students must participate in communal work be clean and smart. Failure to do so, you will be subjected to a punishment.

Observation of religious values according to ones’ religion and respecting other religions are obligatory and failure to do so may lead to suspension / expulsion.

Respecting the administration, teaching staff, non teaching staff, prefectorial body and the community at large is a must and failure to abide by this may lead to suspension / expulsion.

Visitors are only allowed at school on Visitation Day (VD) and on special occasions only.

Boys are not allowed to cross to the girls dormitories and vise versa. Culprits will pay 5 bags of cement or expelled or serve both.