On completion of seven years of primary education, students who pass Primary Leaving Examination enroll for four years of lower secondary (S.1-S.4) education.

Following guidelines to schools on the implementation of the new lower secondary school curriculum, Nserester Vocational Secondary School identified up to 15 subjects; 11 of which are compulsory in Senior one and two (2020-2021), plus 4 elective subjects.

Compulsory subjects for senior one and two (2020-2021)

English Language Biology
Mathematics       Entrepreneurship
History and Political Education      Kiswahili
Geography Physical Education
Physics Religious education (CRE or IRE)

Elective subjects for senior one and two (2020-2021)

Electives 1 Electives 2
Local Languages  Agriculture
  Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  Art and Design

 At Senior three in 2022, the curriculum menu will change as follows:

Compulsory subjects for senior three and four (2022-2023)

 English Language
 History and Political Education

Electives for senior three and four (2022-2023)

The choices for the two elective subjects will be made from at least two of the following groupings;

Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 3
Kiswahili Art and Design Christian Religious Education
Local Language Agriculture Islamic Religious Education
  Physical Education