Every human being is endowed with a talent or even many talents. Some people become failures because their talents are never discovered but most people fail because their talents even if they are known there are no resources to develop them.

Here, we put on glasses, search, identify, and develop different talents

Music Dance & Drama-Performance
Music Dance & Drama-Performance

There are many talented young people out there whose talents are awaiting utilization and we the leaders should do what we can to reach them. We have a duty to turn the youths in our community into useful productive citizens and this institution is very instructive in the tapping of the talents.

Nserester Vocational Secondary School students performing Cultural Dance

Promote Talents

Join hands with us to promote the talents of youths in the music, film or modeling industry. Sponsor our Music Dance & Drama Club Skits that are still in the pipeline. Any inquiries about MDD skits? Please contact us now!