We are proud to deliver the foundation curriculum of Ordinary level and Advanced level for further education to produce responsible Citizens equipped with productive skills.


    The solution to unemployment in Uganda is through vocational education. We call upon all of you to engage in attaining skills so as to improve on our well being in our country.


    “We prepare you to create and manage your own fish pond”. We provide knowledge and skills that prepare learners for jobs that are based on mental or practical activities

    Welcome to Nserester

    There is an overused slogan- “Be Job Creators But Not Job Seekers“. But have we trained young people to be job creators? Have we equipped them with skills to make jobs? Have we taught them how to earn a living? Read more
    The Mission of Nserester Complex is to provide quality education, self-sustaining academic and moral discipline to our children to achieve their greatest potential both as students and as members of their communities. Students from the secondary section are given chance to take  Vocation Courses and are awarded vocational certificates by DIT and UBTEB after they have completed senior three. They join senior four when they already have certificates for the vocational courses to enable them to create jobs at that level. After they have completed senior four, the vocational certificates they already have help them to get jobs in some fields of work during their vacation.

    Kill Two Birds With One Stone

    We offer Secondary Education and Vocational Training. The Nserester Complex produces graduates with employable skills that are competitive in the job market. With the life skills acquired from our learning centre, young people will be able to compete in the labour market wherever they go. Our training approach is holistic and Nserester Vocational Secondary School is, therefore, the place where the learners get all-round education.

    We welcome all learners from all over the world, and from diverse backgrounds

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    Nserester Complex is engaged, involved and generous. Help us unlock every child’s potential.

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